Writer’s Corner, 14.-16. July 2017

A group of journalists and writers, academics and students came together in the village of Haintchen near Frankfurt, Germany, for another round of our „Writer’s Corner“ workshops. These workshops are institutionally linked to the University of Witten/Herdecke and sponsored by the Hanns Martin Schleyer Foundation. Based on classic and modern texts, the participants debated urgent current challenges around the concept of freedom of speech.

Colloquium on the New Constitutional Economics at Ettersburg Castle, Germany, April 27-29, 2017

Intriguing debates on conflict and cooperation, discourse and dilemma, institutions and ideas at the colloquium last week at splendid Ettersburg castle near Weimar, Germany, on “International order – the political economy of (dis-)integration”, held jointly by NOUS, Erfurt University, Aktionsgemeinschaft Soziale Marktwirtschaft, Walter Eucken Institut e.V. and Wilhelm Röpke Institut.