” A new problem is the actual starting point of new scientific advancement. “

Karl Popper


NOUS – that is the interdisciplinary academic “Network for constitutional economics and social philosophy”.

In ancient Greek, “nous” means mind, intellect, or reason. NOUS is an information platform and a community for interdisciplinary research. The network links all academic fields relevant for thinking about social order and liberty. It spans philosophy, politics, economics and much more. It fosters scholarly research, contact and exchange, and it aims to promote talent.

NOUS contributes to widening the perspectives of the different academic disciplines in such a way that they will encompass the truly important questions of our times. We give interdisciplinary research a boost. We show the academic youth the great advantages of using a wide variety of theoretical instruments. We reach out and enable a debate about the findings from different fields, potential clashes and frictions included, without anybody having to pass an “ideology test”.

Our activities

NOUS is a network and a platform, but also runs its own activities. We prepare scholarly publications. We organize academic conferences, public lectures and round-table debates, mostly in cooperation with our partners. We host discussion groups as well as a summer academy for young students.

Agora Summer Academy

Agora is a week-long summer academy for young people who are interested in current as well as more fundamental issues. In lectures, discussions and excursions, participants get an introduction to important and fascinating approaches from philosophy, economics and politics. Further information on the Agora website.

Scholar’s Corner

Scholar’s corner, our academic discussion group, regularly brings together young scholars. Based on a set of reading materials, different themes are discussed during a weekend.

In charge: Gerhard Wegner and Stefan Kolev.

Writer’s Corner

Writer’s corner, our journalistic discussion group, regularly brings together reporters, editors, bloggers and other authors. Based on a set of reading materials, different themes are discussed during a weekend.

In charge: Karen Horn and Michael Wohlgemuth.

NOUS Spotlight

NOUS Spotlight is an ongoing series of brief, focused Zoom meetings for scholarly discussion. It takes place every last Tuesday of the month at 5-6 p.m. GMT via Zoom. In each meeting, a member of the network puts up for discussion some piece or aspect of his work. Check out the upcoming dates and topics under “Events”.