The Colloque Walter Lippmann

The famous Colloque Walter Lippmann, held in Paris in 1938, was a major meeting of international interdisciplinary scholars to discuss the history, current issues and future of liberalism. It is usually seen as the birthplace of “neoliberalism”. When revisiting the topics discussed at the Colloque Walter Lippmann today, as well as its protocols, these strike the reader’s eye as surprisingly topical. Upon the 80the anniversary of the Colloque Walter Lippmann, the NOUS launched a call for papers and reenacted the meeting. A group of scholars from philosophy, politics, economics, history and law were asked to discuss the following never-aging questions: The decline of liberalism: Is it due to internal causes? Is liberalism capable of fulfilling ist social tasks? If the decline of liberalism is not inevitable, what are its true causes? If the decline of liberalism is not inevitable, what are the remedies to draw from the analysis of its causes? And what is the future agenda of liberalism? The papers have been published in a special issue of the peer-reviewed “Journal of Contextual Economics – Schmollers Jahrbuch”. (2018/2019)