Young Affiliates


NOUS is keen to encourage international interdisciplinary discourse. To achieve this we are inviting young researchers to become Young Affiliates to the network.

Who can be a Young Affiliate?

Young researchers up to the age of 40: Post-Docs, Post- and Undergraduate students.

How to apply?

Please submit your CV and one example of your scientific work (a journal article, essay etc.) to the assessment committee. The assessment committee consists of a number of founding members of the NOUS association. This committee will decide based on the scientific work you provide. If you don’t have such an example of your work ready for submission, we would be happy to send you a topic on which you could write an essay of between 5 and 10 pages to scientific standard. Please contact us at this address.

What does it mean to be a Young Affiliate?

You will be invited to the NOUS workshops and will receive further exclusive invitations to other events of the network and its partners. You will have access to the members of the network, who are already in senior positions in research and teaching. In addition you will have the opportunity to be network with other Young Associates with mutual interests.

NOUS Young Affiliates

Alexander Albrecht (*1997), Universität Erfurt
(International Relations, Diplomacy Theory, Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Environmental Economics)

Kevin Bayer, M. Sc. (*1993), Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
(Economic Policy, Digital Policy, Political Economy, Development Economics, New Institutional Economics)

Nur Baysal, M. A. (*1994), University of St Andrews
(Philosophy of Technology, Bioethics, Moral Philosophy and Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Philosophy of Law)

Arthur Chabouté, B. A. (*1997), Sciences Po Paris
(Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Organizational Theory, Financial Markets)

Donovan Choy, B. A. (*1991), CEVRO Institute
(New Institutional Economics, Austrian Economics, Behavioural Economics, Moral Philosophy, Economics of Immigration)

Robert-Gabriel Ciobanu (*1997), University of Bucharest
(Political Theory, Social Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Science, History of Economic Thought, New Institutional Economics)

Maximilian Elsen (*1996), RWTH Aachen
(Digitization, Behavioural Economics, Financial Markets, Business Ethics)

Juan De Dios Estevez (*1997), Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt a. M.
(Political Economy, Public Choice Theory, Development Theory, Austrian Economics)

Roland Fritz, M. Sc. (*1988), Universität Siegen
(Austrian Economics, History of Economic Thought, Institutional Economics, Social Policy Research)

Salvatore Genovese, B. A. (*1987), CEVRO Institute
(Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Austrian Economics, Public Administration)

Moritz Gillmair (*1997), University College Maastricht
(Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Positive Organizational Scholarship)

Jan Gogoll, M. Sc. (*1987), Technische Universität München
(Experimental Ethics, Ethics of Digitization, Behavioral Economics, Applied Ethics)

Michael Gyekye, B. A. (*1993), Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
(International Relations, Philosophy of Law, Third World Democratic Transitions, International Political Economy, Development Theory)

Florian A. Hartjen, LL.M., M. A. (*1990), King’s College London
(Political Economy, New Institutional Economics, Economics of Crime, Relational Contracts, Human Smuggling)

Eduard Hübner (*1996), Humboldt Universität Berlin
(Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Economics, Moral Cognition)

Kalle Kappner, M. Sc. (*1989), Humboldt Universität Berlin
(Economic History, Economic Geography, Urban and Regional Economics, Market Urbanism, Historical Demography)

Lorenz Kemper, M. Sc. (*1989), Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
(Digitization, Data Sciences, Economics of Education, Institutional Economics)

Carl Christian Kontz, M. Sc. (*1989), Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
(Applied Macroeconomics, Economic Policy, Development Economics)

Mark Kretschmer, B. A., B. Sc. (*1988), Universität Köln
(New Institutional Economics, International Political Economy, Development Economics, Economic History, Methodology)

Tomáš Krištofóry, M. A. (*1983), Erasmus University Rotterdam
(History of Economic Thought, History of Philosophy, Cultural Economics, New Institutional Economics, Austrian Economics, Central European Economics)

Franziska Kukla, M. A. (*1991), Universität Erfurt
(Labour Law, Legal History, New Institutional Economics, Philosophy of Law )

Fabian Kurz, M. Sc. (*1992), Universität Leipzig
(Political Economy, New Institutional Economics, Law and Economics, Health Economics)

Léonard Loew, M. A., M. A. (*1991), Universität Trier
(Social Philosophy, History of Ideas, Philosophy of Economics, Sociology of Psychology, Philosophy of Education)

Richard Mason (*1996), Maastricht University
(EU Trade Policy, Austrian School Economics, Political Science, International Relations)

Alexander Mengden (*1995), Universität Bayreuth
(New Institutional Economics, Political Economy, Rational Choice Theory, Moral and Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics)

Sebastian Müller, M. Sc. (*1990), Universität Leipzig
(Economic Policy, Monetary Policy, European Integration, History of Economic Thought)

Daniel Nientiedt, Dipl.-Oec. (*1985), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
(Public Choice, Constitutional Economics, History of Economic Thought)

Konstantin Peveling, B. A. (*1996), King’s College London
(Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, New Institutional Economics, International Relations)

Katharina Pfeil, M. A. (*1994), Walter Eucken Institut
(New Institutional Economics and Institutional Change, Shadow Economy, Illegal Employment, Natural Field Experiments)

Maximilian Priebe (*1996), King’s College London
(Social Philosophy, Political Theory, History of Ideas, Philosophy of Culture, History of Economic Thought)

Florian Rösch (*1996), Universität Frankfurt
(Political Economy, Economic Policy, New Institutional Economics)

Benedikt Schmal, B. A. (*1995), Freie Universität Berlin
(Economic Growth, History of Economic Thought, Financial Accounting)

Tim Schneegans (*1995), Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig
(Organizational Psychology, Legal Psychology, Peace Psychology, Behavioral Economics)

Nico Sonntag, M. A. (*1991), Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung Köln
(Economic Sociology, Sociology of Religion, Organisational Sociology, Labour Markets, Social Stratification)

Johannes K. Staudt, B. A. (*1993), Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
(Economic and Social History of 19th and early 20th century Europe, History of Economic Thought, History of Ideas)

Marino Varricchio, B. A. (*1996), CEVRO Institute
(Political Philosophy, Austrian School of Economics, Public Choice)

Rick Wendler, ref. iur. (*1990), Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
(Philosophy of Law, History of Law, Constituional Law, Law and Economics)