Who are the NOUS Young Affiliates?

NOUS is keen to share the thrill of scholarship and to engage students and young researchers in international interdisciplinary discourse as early as possible during their academic itinerary. For this reason, we extend a standing invitation to young academics to join the network as Young Affiliates.


Students and young researchers up to the age of 40: undergraduates, postgraduates, postdocs.

Please submit your CV and one example of your scientific work (a journal article, essay etc.) to the assessment committee. The assessment committee consists of a number of founding members of the NOUS network. This committee will decide based on the scientific work you provide. If you don’t have such an example of your work ready for submission, we would be happy to send you a topic on which you could write an essay (between 5 and 10 pages) to scientific standard. Please contact us at this address.

You will be invited to the NOUS workshops and will receive further exclusive invitations to other events of the network and its partners. We will engage you in projects designed specifically for young researchers. You will always have direct access to the NOUS members who are in senior positions in research and teaching. In addition you will have the opportunity to network with other Young Associates sharing your interests.

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