Joachim Zweynert: When Ideas Fail – Economic Thought, the Failure of Transition and the Rise of Institutional Instability in Post-Soviet Russia

In the history of Russian economic ideas, a peculiar mix of anthropocentrism and holism provided fertile breeding ground for patterns of thought that were in potential conflict with the market. These patterns, did not render the emergence of capitalism in Russia impossible. But they entailed a deep intellectual division between Read more…

Call for Essays: Adam Smith

NOUS invites young scholars interested in the history of political economy and philosophy to submit essays on one of the two following topics: “The continuing relevance of Adam Smith” or “Adam Smith, ordoliberalism, and ‘Ordnungspolitik’”. Submitters are expected to contribute original thoughts on the legacy and the importance of the Scottish Enlightenment in the fields of philosophy, politics, and economics.