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Among twentieth-century inheritors of the classical liberal mantle, the notion that democracy could be understood as “government by discussion” is found most prominently in the work of Frank H. Knight and James M. Buchanan. In this paper, NOUS Member Ross Emmet compares Knight and Buchanan’s use of the expression “democracy is government by discussion” The… Read more »

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In this book, NOUS Member Julian F. Müller poses the question: How can we organize society in such a way that our disagreement about facts and norms works to the benefit of everyone? In response, he makes the argument for polycentric democracy, a political arrangement consisting of various political units that enjoy different degrees of… Read more »

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In his latest Research Paper, NOUS Member Niclas Berggren together with Jerg Gutmann explores how judicial independence and electoral democracy impact personal freedom. The results are quite surprising: „While judicial independence is positively and robustly related to personal freedom in all its forms, electoral democracy displays a robust, positive relationship with only two out of… Read more »