The Karl Paul Hensel-Prize is awarded by the Doris and Dr. Michael Hagemann Foundation for outstanding doctoral theses in the field of institutional/organizational economics. Doctoral theses to be submitted should be in the tradition of the work of Prof. Dr. Karl Paul Hensel, who has made important contributions in the field of the comparison of economic and business orders. Accordingly, the “thinking in orders” paradigm with its manifold social applications should be the guiding principle.

The Foundation’s aim in awarding the prize is to make a contribution to the scientific advancement of constitutional economics. The Karl Paul Hensel Prize is endowed with € 8,000 and is not divisible. The prize money is not earmarked for a specific purpose.

The award ceremony will take place in Marburg on the premises of Philipps University. On this occasion, the award winner is expected to present his or her research work.

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