In her latest work, NOUS member Olga Nicaora chapter the concept of “entrepreneurial alertness” (Kirzner in Competition and Entrepreneurship)  with the bourgeois liberty and dignity perspective on modern growth (McCloskey in Bourgeois Dignity: Why Economics Can’t Explain the Modern World) to propose a comparative liberty-dignity framework for the allocation of creative (or innovative) immigrant entrepreneurship in the world. Assuming that both economic freedom and social honor matter, the conjecture is that the allocation of the global supply of creative entrepreneurs is a function of the relative differences across institutional and cultural contexts in the world and the differential payoffs associated with them. The direction of the flows of immigrant entrepreneurs is from countries with low degrees of liberty to countries with high degrees of liberty on the one side, and from cultures with low dignity to cultures with high dignity conferred to entrepreneurs, on the other side.

The full chapter is available here.