In this book, NOUS members David M. Levy and Sandra Peart reconstruct, as the subtitle says, „A Documentary History of the Early Virginia School“. Tyler Cowen perhaps offers one of the best reviews of the book:

„This is the true history, told by people who know, and with extensive citations from correspondence and primary documentation.
You will find the correspondence of Buchanan and Rawls, the dealings of Buchanan with a skeptical Ford Foundation, the real story behind the Buchanan and G. Warren Nutter “Universal Education” voucher plan, what actually happened in Buchanan’s Chile visit, Chicago vs. Virginia disputes, the anti-democratic views of Murray Rothbard, and the contested history of neoliberalism.  And much correspondence from Ronald Coase.

Levy, D., & Peart, S. (2020). Towards an Economics of Natural Equals: A Documentary History of the Early Virginia School. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press