Karen Horn has interviewed Israel M. Kirzner for the academic journal Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik. An English-language version has now been published by the online magazine CapX. Here is Kirzner’s take on neoclassical economics: „For neoclassicals, the entrepreneurial element is a nuisance, a pest, something they would wish to eliminate because it makes it difficult or in fact impossible for them to derive clear results. When people are free to see whatever they believe themselves to see, then they are not boxed in and bound to picking some particular maximizing outcome. In neoclassical economics, the key to understanding lies in recognizing that people are, so to speak, compelled to choose what they choose because they have to achieve a certain maximizing outcome, a point of tangency between an opportunity line and an indifference curve, simply because that is how they are programmed.“

Read the complete interview on CapX.